Nocturnal Leg Cramps

Nocturnal leg cramps affect up to 60 percent of adults and are more common among women and older adults. Sometimes referred to as muscle spasms or charley horses, they occur when one or more of the muscles in the leg tighten involuntarily.  Usually, the muscle relaxes in less than 10 minutes. The leg may feel […]

Walking to Relieve COPD

Walking is a safe and effective form of exercise for nearly everyone, including people living with COPD. The last thing someone with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) may want to do is go for a walk. A study, published in Respirology, suggests people with COPD who walk at least two miles a day lowered their […]

Flu Shot Season 2020-2021

The 2020 flu season is going to be a little different this year. Sniffles and sneezes were originally considered the first sign of the common cold or influenza. But now, those same symptoms could also be symptoms of COVID-19. Even as COVID-19 continues its onslaught around the country, it’s important to be aware of the […]