Fitness Tracker for Heart Monitoring

Wrist-worn smart watches and fitness monitors have become widely adopted by consumers and are gaining increased attention from researchers. While accuracy of chest strap, electrode-based HR monitors have been confirmed, research shows that fitness trackers may not be the best way to measure heart rate. While some wrist-worn monitors are more accurate than others, studies […]

Finding the Right Balance

The holiday season means many different things to each of us. It can be a time of faith, family traditions, parties, gatherings, and culinary delights. All the hustle and bustle involved in getting everything done. It’s also a  good time to think about how we might approach the holidays differently for a loved one with […]

Waiting to Call for Help?

A study finds that half of people who suffer with a heart attack fail to immediately call an ambulance for help. This delays the diagnosis which could potentially worsen their odds of survival. People who found another way to the hospital or delayed calling an ambulance increased their average diagnosis time from 81 minutes to […]

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