Can Carrots Improve Vision?

Can Carrots Improve Vision? A picture of glasses with carrot eyes and a basket of carrots in the background.

Deep in everyone’s memories is a time when we sat around the dining room table, pushing the carrots to the side of the plate. Your mother may have said’ “You better eat those; they will improve your vision.” Over the years various rumors have surrounded the carrot’s role of sharpening eyesight so much so that you gained a new superpower of seeing in the dark. Others boast carrots may help keep you from needing glasses for the rest of your life. The question of the day is “Do carrots improve eyesight?”

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, eating carrots will help improve your vision. Vitamin A is essential for the body to maintain healthy eyesight, and carrots have high amounts of this nutrient. They go on to report other nutrients rich in vitamin A such as dark, leafy greens; brightly colored veggies; fish; and dairy. While eating foods rich in vitamin A may help maintain good eyesight, it won’t keep someone from needing glasses or contacts.

Carrots are not a miracle cure for any eye disease, but there is some truth to the myth. No matter what, they certainly are a delicious and healthy vegetable.

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