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Aspen Healthcare Services
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by Paulette Baird on Aspen Healthcare Services
Aspen Review

My experience at Aspen has been very good. I had Aspen when my husband was very sick and they did a good job and now I have it because I had knee surgery. I am receiving physical therapy here and the clinician does a great job and gives a good combination of exercises and massages. I am now recovering and getting to 100% thanks to them. Everyone is nice, friendly, polite, and they put you at ease at doing exercises. I wouldn't hesitate to mention Aspen and advise people to use their services.

by Connie Avary on Aspen Healthcare Services

My overall experience at Aspen was great. I received physical therapy here and I really liked the clinicians. They did a real good job overall!

by Tammie Crole on Aspen Healthcare Services

The quality of services at Aspen was very good. They met all of our expectations and there wasn't anything that could have been improved on. There wasn't a lot of stuff I had to do beforehand, so that was convenient. I would definitely recommend Aspen to friends and family members.

by Agnes Wyles on Aspen Healthcare Services
Aspen Review

I went to Aspen after my hip surgery and they provided therapy exercise. I worked with two physical therapists who were very helpful with info and tips on how to alleviate pain. There was one gentleman who did well and was very welcoming. I hadn't been able to get in bed the first night at all, and he was very helpful in getting me into a comfortable chair that I could sleep in. He also gave me tips on getting into the car. I got a little disoriented with the different therapists, but I can't think of anything better that they could improve on. Everyone was doing their best, and one lady pushed me to keep going and not give up. Overall, they showed great care and concern for me, and I would definitely recommend Aspen.

by Rocky Brookmole on Aspen Healthcare Services
Lloyd H. Brookmole deceased

As dad's primary family caretaker, I wish to thank all of you who cared for my dad during his last few years when we needed you so very much. You gave dad your love, skilled care, and worked with me to accommodate dad's specific needs and wants so that he could experience joy and comfort and worship God at church on Sundays almost to his last breath before going home to his Lord at 103 and six months on this earth. Words cannot express my love and gratitude for truly treating dad as I believe you would care of your own dad. Please know that dad knew this as well. He loved all of you....nurses, caretakers to get him started each morning in the wee hours per his biological clock, emergency personnel, administrators, corporate personnel and young volunteer social workers who visited him periodically to just talk. I know who you are and know you truly loved my dad. Please know he and I loved you more than you will ever know although I tried to express this as much as possible as did dad. Dad is now with a new healthy body in heaven with his Lord!
God bless all you,
Rocky Brookmole

by Alberta Starowicz on Aspen Healthcare Services

After back surgery to fix a previous surgery, I was lucky enough to get approved for PT and OT. I expected the same type of bland service that I got from previous home PT therapy. I was extremely happy and surprised with the treatment from both therapist from Aspen Healthcare. Both Joel and Kristi went above and beyond any other treatment I have received. They were both very knowledgeable and explained every exercise we did. If I know of anyone needing therapy, I will gladly recommend Aspen Healthcare.

by Sonal Jnai on Aspen Healthcare Services
Excellent experiance.

I wish to express my deep appreciation to the members of the Aspen Healthcare Services. Susanna Lee from Aspen started with me when I got home from hospital after knee replacement. She is wonderful, caring, loving and professional. I had in past hip and knee surgery but never had this type of therapy ever. I could see recovery every day, Thank you so much Aspen Team. Good Luck to all.

by Alicia Contreras on Aspen Healthcare Services
Great experience!

I had a great experience with this agency! My PT, Kristi Rosales, was wonderful. She was very attentive and took the time to answer all of my questions. She truly went above and beyond! I wish all therapists were like her.

by Sami Swan Thompson on Aspen Healthcare Services
Aspen Changed My Mind Re: Home Health Agencies!

After 20+ years of serving as an Independent Advocate for the Elderly, the progression in my neurological disease forced me to retire. Those years of experience left me with an intense distrust of home health agencies in general; I couldn’t tolerate the level of disrespect toward patients that I kept seeing. I knew there should be a better solution for our senior citizens and the elderly - they deserved better.

Near the end of my service in Elder Advocacy, my last client (and dear friend) Richard needed assistance. I found Aspen Health Care, a home health care provider so wonderfully different that it changed my opinion completely.

Under the direction of Joe Giuffreda, Aspen provided home health care that was exceptional. Our Richard was treated with kindness every single day. Everyone at Aspen worked to preserve his dignity and personal self-worth, regardless of that day’s situation. We never had to worry about his safety or happiness; we knew that Aspen was taking excellent care of him every day. His caregivers never “talked down” to him; they came up with creative ways to entertain him, and got him out of the house while still keeping him safe.

Richard’s dementia was especially complicated, because he was a brilliant and talented man, an accomplished artist and sculptor, and he knew what was happening. As a result, he could be difficult to deal with, especially for strangers. He was initially very hard on Jordy, who became his favorite caregiver. In fact, only Jordy could get Richard up and out of the house to go to lunch, to the movies, or just for a ride in the car.

As Richard’s health deteriorated, Aspen was there - through hospital visits and through hospice treatment, until Richard passed from this life to the next.

Joe, Jordy, and the others at Aspen did a wonderful job, took excellent care of Richard, and made a permanent impression on my heart. I’m happy to recommend Aspen to anyone who wants to provide the best care for a loved one. Speaking from my own experience, I’ll never use anyone else.

by Judy Goodman on Aspen Healthcare Services

Aspen Home HeLth Care was phenomenal in caring for my 83 year old mother. From the first visit to the last they were thorough, caring and knowledgeable. I couldn't have asked for better people to care for my Mom.

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