Aspen HealthCare Services is a full-service home health agency specializing in the care of medically complex patients with pulmonary disease, including advanced stage COPD and ventilator dependency. We are the Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Specialists in the Home Health Care environment.

We have Respiratory therapists with in-depth experience in pulmonary rehabilitation and long-term ventilator management team with highly qualified nurses and physical, occupational, and speech therapists to provide targeted, competent, and responsive care to these medically fragile individuals.

Our service capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive nursing, RT, PT, and OT assessment
  • Identifying and addressing environmental risk factors
  • Training in principles and techniques of self care including medication and oxygen administration, and bronchial hygiene techniques
  • Guidance through individualized programs of graded, reconditioning exercise and training in the use of adaptive techniques and equipment for ADLs
  • Monitoring and immediately responding to signs of incipient infection
  • Educating in the physical, psychological, and social aspects of chronic disease

We take all insurances including Secure Horizon, Medicare, Medicaid, and private pay. Give us a call today to evaluate our services.